Finding Blessing in Rejection

I ‘ve been a physical therapist for about seven years. I love my job as an inpatient physical therapist. However, I was ready for a change. I didn’t know what the change would look like, but I needed it for my family life to run smoothly. Eliot, my seven-year son with autism, was getting ready to transition from a special ED class to a general ED class, and Emmett, my four-year-old, was about to start kindergarten. I wanted to be available for my children. I was not working 8-4:30 at the hospital.
Honestly, God must have heard my prayer because the perfect job opened up just in time. I would be able to work from home and only have to see patients a few days a week. Finally, I would have the time for my babies and reconnect with my husband. So, I applied for my “perfect” job. Not long after, I got an interview. It was great; I studied for four days and went over all the possible questions they could ask. The interview was great. I got called for the 2nd interview. “Wow, this job is mine.” I remember thinking to myself. And after the second interview, I knew for sure the job was mine.
This job was everything we needed. We had plans for the kids’ school drop-off and pick-up and their after-school programs. It just made sense.
On Friday, while at work talking to my husband about his incredible new opportunity, I got the email. “Sorry to inform you. We went with another applicant.”

My heart dropped. At that moment I was so disappointed. I felt like a failure. after a few minutes of feeling sorry for myself. I realized that my failure of not getting that job was a blessing from God. Maybe it’s time to change my path. Redirect my energy. I love being a physical therapist. However, I’m no longer in love with it. It is a job!! I’m so in love with content creation. I want to be great at it. I want to share my story to inspire more women to step out and do more than just being a wife and a mother.
Being rejected sucks. But if I weren’t rejected, I would not have the force I have right now as I’m writing this. Rejection is my blessing.


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